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Teaching the way students learn.

Giving Tree

Giving Tree Preschool is a unique non-public school that provides an intensive education for children diagnosed within the autism spectrum. 

This colorful and enriching environment provides opportunities for preschoolers to learn the essential skills for academic and social success. It is our goal to prepare each of our students for a kindergarten experience. Because social skills and play skills are as important as academic skills, this preschool provides an "imagination room," and a circle time room, in addition to its four academic learning pods. Students rotate through the learning pods, circle time and imaginary play time in groups of two. The day is structured to maximize learning time while providing opportunities for play, and creative learning.

Our program is consistent with "Best Practices for Children with Autism" as we utilize an Applied Behavior Analytic Approach. Giving Tree provides a one to one adult to student ratio in the classroom via a credentialed teacher, lead instructional assistant and eight instructional assistants for ten students. All instructional assistants meet "No Child Left Behind (NCLB)" standards. In addition, a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist provides individual and push in therapy to students. 

Two preschool sessions are offered; one morning session of three hours and one afternoon session of three hours. Preschool hours can be supplemented by participation in our center based program.

Students are assessed utilizing the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, Desired Results Developmental Profile Access, Vineland 3, VB Mapp, DAYC, AFLS, as well as those included in the Open Court Curriculum. Instruction methods provided are: direct instruction, discrete trials training, pivotal response training, natural language paradigm, errorless learning, and fluency based instruction. It is our goal to prepare students for a kindergarten classroom by teaching classroom behavior, social skills, and pre-academic skills consistent with state curriculum. Kindergarten preparedness checklists are completed on all exiting students to assist the IEP team in determining the appropriate educational placement upon transition.

Independent Trails HS

Independent Trails serves 6th through 12th grade students who have a primary diagnosis within the Autism Spectrum.

Our students obtain a meaningful school education that includes vocational training, job sampling, and critical independent living skills with a strong emphasis on communication and social skills training. Each student receives a comprehensive assessment in the first 30 days of placement to pinpoint strengths, interest, and needs. Individualized lesson plans are then developed to meet the unique needs of each student and address IEP goals as agreed upon by the team. Independent Trails will provide a safe educational environment with opportunities for smooth transition into adulthood.​

Students work with animals, garden, cook, maintain the ranch, participate in community outings and engage in recreational activities.

In order to provide the best quality education, we will maintain only two classrooms with a maximum of 10 students per class. Curriculum is provided and monitored by a Credentialed Teacher with support from a Lead Instructional Assistant and 5 Instructional Assistants. Every classroom will have 7 clinical staff members for 10 students! Every minute of every day provides an opportunity to obtain critical like skills that will ultimately enhance the quality of life for every student.

The students will achieve certificates of completion.

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