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We work to decrease the frequency, duration, and severity of problem behaviors, allowing individuals to remain in the least restrictive environment and in the residence of their choosing across the community around them.

Kala exists to serve the marginalized; those who due to a developmental and mental health diagnosis paired with their individual learning history, struggle to keep themselves and those around them safe.

We are a home-based program, working with children with developmental disabilities and often times, one or more comorbid mental health diagnoses.​

Kala is structured in a tiered service delivery model. Clients progress from tier 1 to tier 3 by decreasing the severity, frequency, and duration of their dangerous behaviors while simulations increasing their replacement and related behavior skills. As they progress through the tiers, training increases with caregivers, and when it is safe to do so, Kala staff involvement fades.


Each client and their care provider begin with an assessment. Assessments are comprised of interview, observation, and/or role playing, geared toward identifying the function or reason why, the individual is engaging in the problem behavior. Client and Caregiver participation in the assessment and treatment is paramount to the development and implementation of successful treatment plans.

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