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Our programs teach critical life skills, self-advocacy, and social skills with the single goal of improving the quality of life for those with developmental disorders.

Autism Services in Sacramento

Residential, Clinical, In-Home, and Day Programs
Serving children, youth, teens, and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Children & Adults | Rio Linda & Orangevale
Kala and Kala House Jr. are unique facilities that house and support children and adults during a time of crisis, using behavior analytical treatments and a multi-disciplinary team.
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Ranch Day Program

Adults | Shingle Springs
Opportunity Acres provides an environment where individuals with disabilities have options: whether it’s an opportunity to find meaningful employment, broaden their independent living skills, or choose meaningful recreational activities.
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Children, Teens, Adults | Sacramento & Shingle Springs
The Giving Tree and Independent Trails are non-public schools providing support to students at preschool age, teens, and adults. Students are provided the ability to receive education that meets their individual needs, allowing them opportunities for an increase in their quality of life and/or integration back into their districts.
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Crisis Intervention

Children, Teens, Adults | Greater Sacramento Area
Kala exists to serve the marginalized; those who, due to a developmental and mental health diagnosis, paired with their individual learning history, struggle to keep themselves and those around them safe.
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The work that we do here is nothing short of amazing. I love coming to work knowing the clients depend on me, and can count on me to show up. I am constantly learning from them just as much as they are learning from me.
- Amanda
I have never worked with a group of people more passionate about what they do. Everyone brings a unique strength to help clients reach their potential, but compassion and respect are the foundation of what we do.
- Glenda
Advance Kids is a supportive community of specialists collaborating to inspire a beneficial and life-changing journey for every individual and family.
We are committed to utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to help individuals of all ages and disabilities achieve a high quality of life through individualized assessment, program development, and supervision by experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts.
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