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Kala House Sr.

Residential support for adults

The adult care home, Kala House, is a four bedroom home located in the rural area of Orangevale Ca.  Adults who receive treatment here are individuals with developmental disabilities and often times, mental health diagnosis.  They display behaviors that are unsafe, and have been unresponsive to treatments thus far.  We are a short term placement, meaning the individuals in our care, receive stabilization and comprehensive treatment from a multidisciplinary team, and then following no more than 18months of care, are graduated to an individualized living situation, requiring less intervention. 

Staff and consultants to the home, work together to provide the best care and treatment for our residents.  In addition to RBTs and DSPs, each resident’s treatment and care is overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Register Nurse, a Psychiatrist if needed, a register Dietician if appropriate, a Physical trainer if needed, and others.  We partner closely with the Regional Center and local resources to maximize community integration, while maintaining safety for clients and staff alike. 

It is our goal for every individual in our home is to feel safe, respected, and encouraged to meet their goals, while being supported by the best team in the business.  They don’t call us the “Dream Team” for nothing!

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